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Squat Down Lock Down

Updated: May 26, 2020

By: Michelle Rydeard

Are you feeling a little antsy? Haven’t been able to get to the gym or your sports leagues have been cancelled? No need to worry, we’ve got you covered with some great inspiration on how to keep moving during lock down. Though I am not the worlds #1 fan of going to the gym I do like to stay active. Not only does it keep you healthy, exercising gets those feel good endorphins pumping and start this first long weekend off right!


Check out below for 3 easy ways to keep moving:

1. Go for a walk. This is the easiest way to get moving, so grab Fido’s leash and go enjoy some fresh air. It’s finally warming up in Ontario so check out what is blooming around your neighbourhood.

2. Home workouts are the new “it” thing. Visit Blogilates- they have created a 14 day at home quarantine workout that you can follow along with, if you are up for a little challenge.

3. Or try our PurParket 15 minute challenge. The only piece of equipment you will need is a towel to do the slides.It will be 10 sets - 1 minute of activity followed by 30 seconds rest. Don’t forget to warm up before. If you are unsure of the moves check out DAREBEE’s

exercise library on YouTube.

Use this interval timer to keep you on track

a. Jumping Jacks b. Sliding Lateral Lunge “Polish the Floor” Right Leg c. Sliding Lateral Lunge “Polish the Floor” Left Leg d. Scissor Kicks e. Mountain Climbers f. Push Up g. Woodchop h. High Knees i. Tricep Dips j. Squats

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