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Before our first plank was ever made, our goal has been not only to create floors that are not only beautiful to look at but also that are environmentally responsible and promote environmental sustainability.


With a strong commitment to the world around us, our products are made with exacting processes for sustainable harvesting, promotion of regrowth and reduction of our carbon footprint by manufacturing our engineered flooring in Toronto and working with local sawmills for raw materials, making our flooring truly made in Canada.

Our promise is to create and uphold environmental standards and build initiatives outside of our production processes. This is a key part of our company culture. We have continued partnering with Tree Canada and have planted over 5000 indigenous trees in key areas across the country.


PurParket is aiding in the pursuit of a greener and healthier environment for all Canadians. 



Hands in the Soil


Our state of the art manufacturing facility utilizes energy efficient equipment. Elaborate ducting systems allow for the collection of dust that is created during the manufacturing and finishing process.


Our dust collector reduces any excess noise, saves electricity and is completely self-sustained.


Our core line maximizes raw lumber inputs to create the highest yield of producible material components.


All of these components, in turn, provide us with an exceptionally clean and safe working environment.


PurParket believes in yield optimization by using and processing as much of the log as possible to further reduce waste. We believe in providing our clients with several grade options that ultimately combine quality, durability and piece of mind.

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