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Does the engineered flooring have a sealed surface?

YES. All of our engineered floors are coated, sealed and UV cured on our finishing line.


Is there a specific way to maintain/care for the engineered floors?

NO. Our finishes are abrasion resistant. Our easy to follow Care & Maintenance guidelines can be found here.


Can I perform spot repairs and minor touch ups on the engineered wood products?

YES, utilizing our colour matched repair kits. You can purchase the repair kits here.



Can the engineered flooring be refinished? Who is recommended to repair these floors?

YES, they can be sanded, stained and finished. We recommend a flooring professional to refinish and/or repair the flooring.


Does you flooring stain easily?

Are all the flooring collections VOC free? Are they pet friendly?

Our flooring does not stain as it has a high resistance coating applied to protect the surface from stains.

YES, all of our flooring options are VOC free and pet friendly. We apply a matte coating on our engineered flooring, helping to hide any visible scratches created from pet nails.



Does the floor colour fade quickly?

NO. The visuals are clear and bright due to the UV blocking agents in the stain base.

What is the lifespan of the products?

Provided the flooring is maintained according to our standards, our flooring will last a lifetime.

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