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Is this product a sealed floor?

YES. Floor coating is applied to the surface of the wood.

Is this product easy to maintain?


Can I perform spot repairs on the engineered wood products?

YES, with the use of our repair kit.

Is this product VOC free?


Can it be refinished?

YES. Sand, stain and finish.

Who is recommended to repair these floors?

A flooring professional.

What is the lifespan of the product?

Provided the floor is maintained according to our standards, this flooring will last a lifetime.

Is there a specific way to maintain/care for these floors?

NO. Our finishes are abrasion resistant.

Does the floor colour fade quickly?

NO. The visuals are clear and bright due to the UV blocking agents in the stain base.

Does this product stain easily?

NO. Our factory applied high resistance coatings protect the surface from stains.

Is this product pet friendly?

YES. Our matte finish helps hide any visible scratches.

Are there accessories or moldings available?

YES. All accessories are made from the wood planks ensuring a perfect match.

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