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One of the most popular Canadian summer pastimes is cottage season. Whether you are there to soak up the sun, enjoy some water activities or curl up with a good book, we have got you covered when it comes to creating the perfect space to unwind and relax.

In today’s blog, we are featuring Muskoka from our PurParket Element Collection. This collection combines an extremely durable core that is also 100% waterproof making it the perfect choice for busy families, pets and indoor/outdoor living. Our 7” wide planks in designer curated colours are sure to suit a variety of aesthetics.

The warmth of this colour makes it the perfect choice for a variety of design styles. Pair it with a vintage looking rug with a pattern to give your place some character. We selected a machine-made rug from Burritt Bros Floors, that is resilient and timeless. Accents are important too, they give personality and character to your home. Bring in some colour with accent pillows that are easily interchangeable throughout the seasons but don’t hit the budget too much.

We chose the following tones from Benjamin Moore; Iconic Column 1060, a timeless, elegant, and natural beige colour combined with two bolder colours: Misted Green 2138-50 and French Violet CC-960, perfect for complimenting and enhancing your space.

As for furniture, we selected a Cayden Rectangular dining table that echoes the simplicity of the rustic grain of the solid oak. This Cream Upholstered dining chair adds a sophisticated touch to the rustic style. Anchoring the dining space is a Wood Circle Ring Hanging Light Chandelier from LAKIQ, lending a little modern style into this rustic and vintage mix.

What do you say, are you ready to have some fun with your cottage design? Hope this blog helps you to achieve your perfect cottage aesthetic!

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