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With being officially on the second day of fall, it’s time to refresh our homes and get ready for the cooler months ahead. The trends we're seeing for fall 2021 reflect the more long-lasting changes we've made to our homes as a response to the pandemic. Since we spend more time than ever at home, our interiors are leaning to a more comfortable, timeless, and convenient design approach.

One major trend we are already seeing emerge is that geometrical silhouettes and rattan furniture that are not only going to be popular for fall but will stay with us until mid-next year. You will see that some of the elements selected on our mood board are already touching on curved features. This is because minimalistic and geometric design is making a huge comeback.


There is no better way to set the stage for fall than incorporating and using warm, neutral colors to freshen up your home. Terracotta and sandstone tones are perfect for adding that cozy and warm feeling. Deep, vibrant hues such as forest green, green moss, and navy blue are perfect accents for walls, pillows, blankets, and decorative vases. This contrast adds such a beautiful depth and vibrancy to your space.

We chose several colors from Benjamin Moore that perfectly describe the earthy/warm vibe we are looking for. The colors are: Baked Terra Cotta 1202, Mesa Peach 1200, Roxbury Caramel HC-42, Palm Desert Tan 1123, White Swan 927, Weekend Getaway 473, and Buffet Green CW-535.

You can also add warmth using wood pieces of furniture such as nightstands, coffee tables or dining tables. We selected a White Quartz Coffee Table from CB2. Marble and stone surfaces add another layer of texture and contrast to round out our design vision.


Vintage pieces are a huge trend for this fall 2021. Vintage pieces can be brand new, family heirlooms or thrifted in a vintage furniture shop. They add character and that old school vibe in contrast with the modern-minimalist furniture. In our case, we picked some natural wood vases with natural woodgrains from Lulu and Georgia. You can also opt for abstract figures or sculpture – whatever that makes you feel your home more you.


Natural textures and ultra-soft fabrics are a must for the fall, and even winter season. We want to feel relaxed, cozy, and comfy but without losing that chic-sophisticated look. To get that comfy feeling in your home, consider adding accent pieces like woven poufs, or soft throw blankets, like the ones we selected from Crate and Barrel.

A big trend that is coming in strong is teddy inspired sofas and poufs. They are all the things we said: comfortable, cozy, and adds texture. Bacio Cream Boucle Sofa from CB2 perfectly fits our design and nods to the curvy trend we see becoming popular. Velvet is another texture that you can also be used. The Otello Cub and White Velvet Chair from CB2 is a perfect match to our mood board selections, with velvet upholstery and a low, minimalistic frame.

We can’t forget about rugs. Rugs are an essential part of decorating. Area rugs will decrease the noise and add warmth. For our mood board we chose the Azar Rug with a subtle design from EQ3 that definitely completes our design vision.


Finally, plants add texture and life to any space. This trend has been on the rise and is continuing for fall. What better way to cozy up your space than a large potted olive tree. You don’t live in the warmer climates where this would be an easy thing? No problem, we selected a faux Banana Tree from Crate and Barrel that gives you the same look, without the hassle.

Hope this gives you an idea to upgrade your space! Happy fall!

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