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Diving into Our Platform

Flooring is typically selected based on the colour, texture and finish and often times the actual structure isn’t as important to many people. For most people, flooring selection happens towards the end of a build or renovation where budgets may have run thin and re-selections need to be made for lower cost products. The structure, in fact, is probably the most important aspect of engineered flooring. This is also what typically differentiates a lower quality product from a high-quality product.

To help you understand why we do things the way we do, lets break down our platform into four elements: wear layer, core, finishes, and quality control. All of our European white oak and ash veneers are sourced from the same region. This is really important as it ensures colour and density characteristics consistently. All of our wear layers are dry sawn and not sliced, providing no repetitive grain patterns, a smooth and splint-free surface, preservation of the natural grain and beauty and an ultra-thick wear layer.

The core is another critical factor. This is the backbone to the stability of the plank itself. Each 100% birch plywood layer is sanded on both sides which gives us a consistent thickness of +/- 0.2mm, providing a finish-quality appearance, high strength-to-weight ratio, and a set level of resistance to fungal attack. We use only exterior grade adhesives to laminate the layers providing a marine grade bond. We also utilize the best grade of plywood, meeting the I (B,S) specification of grading. Ultimately our core performs to the dimensional stability of the top layer as opposed to a softwood core that must work a bit harder to flex with changing weather temperatures.

Key Benefits to our Core Structure:

· Higher water resistance

· Does not deform or soak

· Resistant to temperature variations from -40*C – 50*C

We apply the newest technologies available on the market, utilizing nano technology and ceramic coatings provide the ultimate wear resistance while still maintaining the clarity of our colours. Our UV coatings are also environmentally friendly, giving you piece of mind. We strive to continually make a product that is durable and safe. Finally, our quality control is something we pride ourselves in. Each individual plank is hand inspected at all stages of production. Rest assured that when you open a box of PurParket flooring, you are getting the finest quality.

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