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Planning Your Renovation- Where to Begin!

Renovating or undertaking a new build is a huge decision to make. For some people this is not that difficult to undertake, however for most, these are daunting and relatively permanent choices to make. Most often, it becomes super overwhelming to select every little thing that may take away from the excitement of the process.

Here are five steps we feel are important to consider when you are starting to plan for a renovation or new build.

1. Hire a designer/Create a work plan

Whenever possible, hire a professional. Designers can see the big picture and help you create your dream space. They can also help eliminate the stress and struggle to create a feasible plan and project manage it.

2. Set out a realistic budget and contingency ceiling

Renovations can take on a life of their own by surpassing the budget. It is especially important to create a budget that considers your scope of work and the “what if’s” that may occur.

3. Hire a contractor

When selecting a contractor, make sure to check references and get feedback on the companies’ performance. Too often you hear about botched renovations/builds that end up costing the homeowner a ton of money to get fixed, not to mention the emotional strain this may cause as well!

4. Create a timeline

Work with your designer and contractor to create a practical timeline. If you have a fixed deadline that you need to adhere to, make sure you state that right off the bat. Be prepared to have a plan “b” if your expectations cannot be met by your deadline.

5. Be flexible

As much as you can plan for a renovation or a new build, there will always be things that come your way unexpectedly. You need to prepare yourself to make decisions quickly and be able to come up with solutions on the spot in order to keep your project moving forward. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise the design but that there are more ways than one to get to your end goal.

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