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Earth Day 2021

51 years ago today marks the beginning of our journey acknowledging the need to consciously protect our planet, creating the collective initiative called Earth Day.

Ontario is in the midst of its 3rd province wide lockdown which means spending more time at home. We put together a list of 5 easy things you can do to positively impact the planet right from your own home.

1. Plant wildflowers - Put that extended time in your garden to use and plant bee friendly

wildflowers. It doesn’t seem like a lot but these little workers play a huge part in the

support of ecosystems. Without pollination from these buzzy little bees the growth of

plant life would decline and so would the species that depend on them for food.

2. Turn off the water - It seems simple but you can save up to 4 gallons of water by simply

turning the faucet off while brushing your teeth. On average approximately 2 gallons of

water flow from a faucet every minute and the recommended amount of brush time is 2

mins- so you do the math.

3. Shop smart - Vintage and thrifted shopping for clothing has become more and more

popular over the years. Not only does it allow you to find unique pieces, it helps to

reduce waste in the landfill & saves money. It is estimated each person throws away

approximately 81 lbs of textile waste a year. Instead of buying new shop thrifted, if

something no longer fits, donate or sell it and if it is no longer wearable, use it for

cleaning rags. With thrift stores closed, check out virtual retailers like ThreadUP and Poshmark.

4. Unsubscribe - How many magazines & newspapers end up going directly into the trash

without being read? Instead of subscribing to print editions, transfer your subscriptions to

a digital platform. You still get to support your favourite newspapers and magazines

without the cost to the environment for paper production and delivery.

5. Donate - There are so many charities & companies across Canada that support

conservation and positive environmental change. The advantage to donating is that you

can do it from the comfort of your sofa. Some of our favourites are:

From all of us at PurParket we wish you safe, healthy & green Earth Day!

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