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Bird are chirping, plants are sprouting and spring is in the air… Happy Earth Day everyone! This year celebrates the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!

Green initiatives have always been a part of our core values here at PurParket. Positioned as one of the top leaders in the wood flooring industry, it is important for us to be environmentally responsible and support sustainability all the way from the start of our process to the end.

Part of our ongoing commitment is to uphold environment standards and build initiatives outside of our flooring production. This year we have partnered with Tree Canada and will be planting 2500 trees, aiding in the pursuit of a greener and healthier environment for all Canadians.


This year has seen the Covid-19 global pandemic, forest fires, earthquakes, and it is only April! Despite all of this, there are many positives we feel it is important to highlight. There are less vehicles on the road, factories, stores, restaurants closed and people self isolating in their homes. All of this has allowed our earth to start healing. Holes in the ozone layer are slowly recovering, Green House gas emissions are lower, canals in Venice are clearer than they have been in years and wildlife is slowly taking over spaces humans typically occupy.

Check out these Canadian Geese enjoying their vacation time strolling down the Las Vegas strip:

Being more environmentally conscious does not mean you have to sell all your possessions and live in the forest and grow all your own food. However, if that’s your thing go for it! Even small changes can make a difference.

Here are our 10 easy things you can do in your own lives to help ensure our beautiful Earth stays healthy for our future generations:

10 Easy Steps to a Greener Life

1. Use a reusable grocery bag.

2. Use a reusable water bottle or coffee tumbler.

3. Recycle & Compost . Be sure to check your city bylaws/guidelines for recycling and composting as it varies from region to region.

4. Switch your lights to energy efficient lighting Ex.LED.

5. If it’s 3 km's or closer walk or bike.

6. Carpool or take transit when possible.

7. Use cold water when you do your laundry. Most detergents now are made to work with cold water. Plus it has the added bonus of reducing the chances of shrinking your clothes.

8. Line dry your clothes-Nothing smells nicer than clothes that are dried by the sun.

9. Donate don’t dump. The saying “One man’s trash is another’s treasure” is so true and it keeps unnecessary waste out of landfills. That pair of jeans you’ve been holding onto in the back of your closet donate it and let someone else get wear out of them instead of throwing them out.

10. Use your own storage containers and buy bulk. Bulk Barn is good for more than just candy, you can buy peanut butter, honey and flour and store in your own reusable containers.

Our Staff Favourite Eco-Conscious Products

Daniela’s Top 3

1. Cloth grocery bags- Keep a few on hand when you go out. Not only does it reduce the use of single use plastic they are usually stronger and hold more.

2. Glass storage containers

3. Beeswax Vegetable Wrap

Michelle’s Top 3

1. Smart Plugs

2. Steel tumbler and straws

3. Bamboo Make-up remover pads – plus they come with their own delicate's wash bag!

Dmytro’s Top 3

1. Reusable steel bento box

2. Reusable silicon Ziploc bags

3. Reusable razors – Your grandfather was onto something!

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