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Creating Colours & Setting Trends

I have always been a very artistic minded individual, preferring art and art history to math and science. I have been fortunate to travel extensively since I was a small child and find that to be one of the main inspirations in my creative process. Naturally (for me) I put these two things together which resulted in going to school for Interior Design. My post secondary education definitely solidified the artist and the historian in me and how through travel, my imagination and creativity can flourish.


Every year, we attend several trade shows; some are flooring specific and some are design specific. Not only are the shows great to see new technologies and emerging trends, but they also get my creative juices flowing. At times, the smallest thing will trigger an idea that takes the shape of a new collection or colour. These moments are really what I look forward to and unequivocally make the process so exciting.

I also find huge inspiration from nature. Sometimes what you are looking for is right in plain sight! Our beautiful country has such a vast and changing landscape from coast to coast that it is virtually impossible to not be inspired by driftwood from British Columbia, snowy mountain caps from Alberta or dense trails in the exquisite Acadian forests in Nova Scotia.

Having a team that works so seamlessly is the most important factor to this equation which includes our production and marketing team. Once the ideas are born, it is important to have them executed and brought to reality. We are really lucky to have a great production manager with an eye for colour and we work closely to achieve the vision I am going for. Having the fine art background helps here, understanding primary colours and how they intermix is a necessity. Our very talented marketing team creates all the visuals and materials need to put the new product out to market.

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