The PurParket process begins by meticulously selecting lumber that meets the exacting specifications of our craftspeople.

Every board is dried to the ideal moisture content and carefully sawn to the substantial thickness that sets our flooring apart. Each four millimeter wear layer is then fused with the engineered Baltic birch core that provides PurParket with its stability and strength.

Various surface treatments are then performed on the planks by hand, making PurParket one of the few flooring solutions on the market that involves minimal mechanization during its creation. This old world approach to manufacturing allows for a greater level of quality control, more points of inspection and ultimately ensures a trouble free floor that will last for generations.

hand made

Our specialized finish application process utilizes natural oils that are found in our environment. Unlike traditional aluminum oxide finishes, PurParket is finished with vegetable based coatings that are non toxic, VOC free and provide exceptional durability.

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